Menta is a communication design studio in Valencia, specialising in various fields related to design and advertising. Its profile ranges from consulting and the coordination of corporate identity projects to the production of catalogues, web projects, space, signage and book design as well as video and motion-graphics production.

Elisa Gómez, Raül Climent and Xavi Calvo each come from different academic fields related to art and design. They acquired their expertise in different studios and communication agencies before becoming Estudio Menta’s creative team. Thus, their professional background has allowed the studio to develop its projects from different perspectives and manage its design from a realistic and creative approach, taking into account every small detail with the freshness and motivation required to face any challenge.

Awards: ADCV 2015 Oro Mejor Diseño Editorial. ADCV 2015 Oro Mejor Publicación. ADCV 2011 Oro a Mejor Gráfica Audiovisual.
Selected: Premios ADCV 2017 (10), Premios Anuaria 2016 (2), Premios ADCV 2015 (4), Premios ADCV 2011 (4), Premios ADCV 2009 (2), Premios Anuaria 2009 (2).
Coordinating Máster en Diseño y Comunicación Gráfica, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera.
Press and media: Notcot, The Dieline, For Print Only, Design&Design, Gallery, Web Design Index o Form Fifty Five. Apariciones en prensa: El Mundo, Cadena Ser, Cultur Plaza, revista Muster, DissenyCV, Huffington Post, Gràffica, 100 grados, OFN…
Exhibitions: Gastro+Design (Feria Valencia, 2015), 30 ADCV (Las Naves, 2015), La Cabina (Mercado de Tapinería, 2014), Yo lo compro (MuVIM, 2014), Homenaje 6º Congreso de Tipografía de Valencia (EASD Valencia, 2014), Este diseño me suena (La Rambleta, 2012).
Lecturers: ESET Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (2017), Graphic Design Days (Barreira, 2016), Presentación DXI#50 (Pepita Lumier, 2016), Creative Mornings (DeWall, 2015), Cuadrilátero Fórum (Las Naves, 2015), Conecta VDW (Correo Viejo, 2015), FuckUp Nights (Las Naves, 2014), InfluencersIE (Federació de Falles Benicalap, 2015), Behance Reviews Valencia (Las Naves, 2014), Wow Valencia (La Rambleta, 2014), offDesign (UCH CEU, 2014), Mercat del Disseny VDW (Mercado de Tapinería, 2014), Frontenders (Espacio Workether, 2013), Diseño busca diseño VDW (Correo Viejo, 2011), Espacio Lladró (Feria Hábitat Valencia, 2010).
Teaching and workshops: Typo Máster Gráfico (UCH CEU, 2017), Design Works 15 (Palacio de Colomina, 2015), offDesign 2014 (UCH CEU, 2014), Design Works 14 (UCEH CEU, 2014), offDesign 2013 (UCH CEU, 2013), Taller Ópera (Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València, 2011), Creatividad (Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València, 2010), La Conjura de las Cajas (UCH CEU, 2010).