Fragments 2011 Catalog

Catalog for the exhibition ‘Fragments d’un any. Fotoperiodistes Valencians‘ designed at our studio. ‘Fragments 2011‘ is a project organized by the Association of Valencian Journalists (Unió de Periodistes Valencians) with 112 photographs taken by 29 photojournalists from Valencia. For this ninth edition, following with the newspaper format  and magazine layout style, we chose a more modern typeface and decided to print on salmon paper in order to highlight how the economy had marked the other issues during 2011.

We  also included, in the double center page, an infograph about the photojournalist job. The exhibition ‘Fragments d’un any’ was open from March 30 to June 3 at La Nau in Valencia.

Take a look to the whole catalogue [Issuu]