Logo and web design for Novatos20D

Novatos 20D was the first ephemeral media in Europe. Created in Valencia, around the General Election 2015, it remained active for 24 hours, from December 20th to 21st. Header image design, brand and logo for this online newspaper, in addition to its website as a news portal were designed by Menta according to the experimental soul of the project.

The team, led by the journalists Eugenio Viñas and Sergi Pitarch, creators of the idea, was composed by 59 students of journalism from four campus in Valencia, working from Las Naves..

Since the short life of this newspaper was going to pass exclusively on online media (web and social networks), to design the image we played with digital recourses such as a range of unique and very bright colors like the rgb green finally chosen, highlighting in each medium in which Novatos20D appeared. We combined this risky colors with a typographic language more traditionally associated with journalism, halfway between classic and technology. The web design was developed with the help of Yeeply. The result was an aesthetic according to the journalistic project, a fresh, different, experimental and avant-garde image.