Vinaròs tourist brand

At the rhythm of the Mediterranean

The shrimp as a symbol and the sea as a way of life.

A sincere story.

Before the commission to renew the tourist brand of Vinaròs, in a first analysis exercise we studied the values derived from the offer and its enclave, many of them shared with the territory of the Valencian Community and its coasts, but some turned Vinaròs into a unique site for how it is rooted in the territory or gives access to the interior region, in addition to having a port of importance and fit in a kind of quiet and sustainable tourism.

Among our communication objectives of the new brand we highlight in turn to adapt expectations and reality and to instill optimism to the citizenship, consolidate the target audience of Vinaròs and reinforce the values derived from the offer. After this preliminary reflection, we set out to write an honest story about Vinaròs.

A Mediterranean image linked to shrimp.

The brief to design this new image of the Mediterranean for a destination that lives from the sea included the idea of creating a new shrimp symbol, so characteristic of the area. This icon design along with certain modernist features (also characteristic of Vinaròs) and a type of industrial reminiscence designed specifically for this assignment, referring to the port areas, finished configuring the communication system and the new Vinaròs tourism brand.

Ajuntament de Vinaròs
  • Branding
  • Tourist identity