València, make yourself at home

Take out the tourist you have inside.
Take out the neighbor you have inside.

Campaign to promote tourist coexistence in the neighborhoods of Valencia.

València, like being at home.
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For responsible tourism and coexistence.

With the aim of promoting tourist coexistence in the city’s neighborhoods as well as communicating the new municipal policies in this regard, from the area of ​​Sustainable Economic Development and Tourism of Ajuntament de València they commissioned this campaign for a responsible and convivial tourism.

#VLCComoEnCasa is a tourism awareness campaign aimed at residents and our tourists, with the aim of consolidating a positive perception of tourism in a responsible, respectful and sustainable way in Valencia.

We segmented the campaign by two-way users, so although both lines would share the same graphic umbrella with a friendly design and transmitting closeness, the message to be transmitted to València’s neighbor and the tourist who visited it was different. In fact, the same final applications should not be made, but each target would also define how the campaign should approach it.

And this is how we come to the idea of ​​taking the neighbor that the tourist takes inside and, at the same time, taking out the tourist that each Valencian carries inside when he moves around his own city.

Ajuntament de València, Regidoria de Turisme
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphics
  • Campaign