Food that feels good

Brand and communication design for Ricard Camarena's most mediterranean gastronomic proposal, a cuisine that links the orchard with the daily menu and the taste with memory.

Honest name for honest cooking.

A meal that rescues the extraordinary of what is familiar to us. Of what we culturally feel as ours. Of a comfortable meal that we find usual.
Habitual aims to be a name that does justice to a culinary philosophy that moves away from artifice and originality at any price.

Under the idea of the «super normal» a brand is born that puts its purpose before its design: to count without tricks a sincere story about what we are going to eat.
Tradition and modernity

Project selected in the 2017 ADCV Awards for the excellence of Valencian design in the categories of Best Naming and Best Corporate Identity.

Ricard Camarena
  • Naming
  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate Identity program
  • Web design