Redefining the Valencian public employment service

Now the Servef is Labora.
Redesign and new identity for a updated public service to adapt to the new conditions of the job market.

The old Servef, now Labora, the public administration that manages employment policies and employment guidance in the Valencian Community. Its change of identity is related to a change in the model of employment policies in order to make it a more useful and close to citizenship service.

Labora is the fruit of a previous process that involved the stages of diagnosis, debate and dialogue, consensus, action and evaluation, to then move on to a strategic analysis and definition by our study, in which through design we shaped the new brand and an entire identity that unites the communication of an entity that aims to change the paradigm of what is a public employment service.

Systematization as a corporate element.

For visual identity we resort to systematization as another corporate element, creating reticles based on the DIN format that serve us to compose communication materials, combined with the use of a large library of icons designed for the project.

Our mission was based on an ambitious exercise of rethinking the brand, a new name and a new graphic identity.

A new type of photographs, closer and more human, and the elaboration of a series of copys helped us to close the construction of the context of the concept of work and completed the toolkit that we provided to Labora for the generation of communication pieces.

A more human office model.

The evolution of the public brand involves other new changes, such as a more human office model that uses the renewed graphic image to expand and emphasize its role as a meeting point, reinforcing the personalization of the service.

One of the complaints of citizens gathered in the report that assessed the perception and needs of #NouServef, was the greater accessibility to the web and a better user experience. For this we form a team with the digital agency Néctar that made an impeccable work of design and development to get a better access to the contents.

Campaign of communication in Social Media and offline media.

It was necessary to communicate the change of brand, for which a strategic plan was defined for the launch and initial communication, both in the press and in social media.

Project selected in the ADCV 2019 Awards for the excellence of Valencian design in the categories of Best Naming, Best Corporate Identity and Best Graphics of the Environment.

Generalitat Valenciana
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  • Naming
  • Logo
  • Launching campaign
  • Signage program
  • New website art direction